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Aura-Soma kvintesenssit tukevat auraa eli energiakenttää oman itsen korkeammille voimille avautuessa, niiden taivaallinen parfyymi ja herkkä värin energia kuljettavat sisäisen rauhan tilaan. Kvintesenssejä eli yrttiesenssejä suositellaan käytettäväksi työskennellessä korkeimpien energioiden kanssa, rukoillessa, meditoidessa tai yhteyden luomiseksi alkulähteeseen.

Ohessa Miken ensiajatuksia uusimmasta kvintesenssistä heti sen synnyttyä vuonna 1999.

The Holy Grail and Solar Logos

Holy Grail & Solar Logos kvintesenssi

It seems that now the time is ripe to say a little more about The Holy Grail and the significance of it in relation to Aura-Soma and the unfoldment of the system.

The Grail Cup is something that may be related to the three levels of Being within ourselves. These are variously described as the three brains, the three baskets but on this occasion, let us call them the three cups.

In the uppermost cup are the mental contents - everything that lies within the intellect. The second cup would be the whole of our feelings, our emotional relationship with one another, our emotional relationship with ourselves and the way these interact. The third cup would be our instinctual, or moving aspect, the part of us that learns to dance, that learns to ride a bike, the automatic functions that have a different level of attention and concentration but also work at a different time-scale than the other two brains, two cups, two baskets.So, how would The Holy Grail and Solar Logos help us with this concept of the three cups?

The upper cup, the one that rests upon the shoulders and contains the whole of the area of the head, also contains the possibility of the inflowing of the Solar Logos to transform the ideas, the intellect. The Grail Cup, which is the openness on the mental plane, is a symbol for what we are ready to receive from above. This needs receptivity, openness to express itself, to unfold "the word", the Logos, the speech, it has to communicate in the world through us. So, the Quintessence at the mental plane is designed to stimulate receptivity and openness, to be able to allow the communication to flow through us. To help us into awareness of the appropriate communication coming from the Logos this then is accessible through this receptivity and openness.

What is contained within the cup at the second level, in the second cup which lies at the diaphragm or thorax? The openness of the receptivity in relation to our feelings, what lies within our hearts, how the attunement in relation to what is received from above may come through if we have the right feeling within ourselves of, let's say, happiness, warmth and caring. These things are pre-requisites and, although the Quintessence appears in the olive which would be specific to the second cup, the second basket or the second brain, it would also be at this point of transition between the gold, the yellow and the emerald green of the heart of how the olive becomes the bridge from the Solar Plexus to the emerald. The arcing across with the pink energy is where the warmth and caring allow that communication of the feelings to express themselves through the heart when we come to accept ourselves. There is a receptivity and openness within the second cup to allow the energy which is the expression of our feeling communication of the Logos to express itself through our hearts. This takes place as the magenta energy flows in from above and is greeted by the pink energy coming from below.

Within the third energy centre is the third cup which exists in the region of the pelvis, it opens to the energies that are flowing in from above but, in addition, it is the sustenance and the roots that connect us to the Earth. It is the way in which the triple aspect of our Being comes into physicality, whatever exists on the mental plane, whatever exists within our feelings, does not come into our Being until it manifests within our physical form. It is within this bottom basket, the movement, the energy, the acceptance, and the receptivity opens to allow this pink energy to unfold.

So, The Holy Grail and the Solar Logos Quintessence can help in all of these ways on the different planes of our Being to bring about a transformation in relation to receptivity, an unfoldment of the creative feminine intuition within each of us. It then becomes a core factor within the unfoldment of Aura-Soma and, indeed, many around the world who have already been working with The Holy Grail and Solar Logos feel that it is a key to opening the bridge to other dimensions of Being that allows some of the more subtle energies that we work within Aura-Soma come into their appropriate places.

It seems that many of the Knights of the Round Table when they went out to seek The Grail sought it in the external world. All of them were to fail in their quest and then one knight discovered a journey within, he began to unfold The Grail within himself. It is at this point in time that The Holy Grail and Solar Logos comes within Aura-Soma to help us to remember that whatever we seek lies within ourselves.

4th November 1999

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